Monday, March 23, 2009

the horror story in my hostel....

I always heard many horror story in my colleague especially in my wing “ HARAPAN”. Nobody stare in this wing since 2003 and the senior says many ridiculous stories in this wing. In December 2007, after the new session all part 1 include me get room in this wing. We so afraid but we belief the God alone have a power. Every week we together read Al-Quran or Yassin to protect our self from the disturbed.

My senior had an experience about that, one day on 1.00 a.m, after training cheerleaders they want back to their room. Current they walk in wing Gemilang she sees one lady stand in one side with a white dress. She says their friend why that girl so brave out in room alone and what they do at there. They so confuse and afraid. She wants to ask that girl but afraid if this girl is a “ghost”. After a view minutes she look back and see that girl not be there and they run quickly and go to their room.

In my colleague has a one person can see the ghost. Many people say she is a crazy girl but she did not lie about their ability. One night, she walks in colleague and see something in wing harapan. She runs quickly. After that, she is out of control and all think the ghost already in their body. Their roommates quickly inform to resident staff about this problem. After that, she was calm by Ustaz. I heard her out of control until she throw the Al-Quran current ustaz want to treatment she.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

lOvE is BeAuTiful...

Love is a purely feeling and make me all people feel blissful and happy. Love also is a beautiful. If one person not has this feeling their life will empty. When the time come for you to give your hearth to someone, make sure that you choose someone who will never break your hearth.

One day I dream to have a big and happy family. So I must choose a right guy to be my future husband. It’s so funny to discuss this topic but as a person we must thing a future. Now I have a special boyfriend. I meet his time I form 2. Before this I did know more details about his. I just know he because he familiar in school football team. Until now I’m still with him. Thanks for everything and loyal with me.

First of all the guy must have a good personality, smart and clean person. For me the personality is a very important thing because from that we can conclude their behavior. I dislike if the guys dirty and dowdy. From that, we know this guy is did not have a discipline in their life. So his cannot be a good leader and manage their family.

Besides that, the loyalty is an important thing in a relationship. From that, the relationship wills a take a long time. He also must have a good attitude such as kindness, respect others people especially old people and generous guys.

Lovely and romantic must have in my guys. I like surprises. I dream one day my guys do surprises for me with candy light dinner and give a flower for me. It’s so romantic. Furthermore, the guy must friendly and happy go lucky person. He also like does a joke. If I feel sorrow he can make me laughter. This can make me blissful and happy.

Furthermore, he must honestly. From that, easy to me to know this guys. I dislike a hypocrite guy. I also want a caring person. He must take care about me. If I have a problem I can share with him. If he a caring person his must help me to settle this problem.

Apart from that, my dream guy must brave. From that, he can protect me. The guy must understand me and know what I like and what I dislike. He must know my behavior. I also don’t like a smoker person. For me, this guy not loves their self.

That’s all my idea of love and characteristic of my dream guy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

<< my roomates >>

In this semester I still stare at room 213, wing Harapan,Nilam college. I’m so scared during first time go to a room because all student talk the senior is so cruel. I’m so lucky because all my roommates are same part. So easy to me to share knowledge and didn’t scared anymore. My roommates is same from I part 1 until now.

Nur Ayuni binti Mohd Yusoff >>>> She take course Diploma in Investment Analysis, part 3. She lives in Seremban. She is a 20 years old. First time I saw she is so shy and quiet person but after take a time to know their self and attitude actually she is so funny and happy go lucky girl. She always makes a joke. She is so cute and kind. I’m like to friend with her.

Nur Azizah Binti Ismail >>>> She take course Diploma in science quantitative and also part 3. She lives in Muadzam Shah, Pahang. She is a 20 years old. She always smile and easy to friend with her. She looks a Chinese face. She is a hardworking and always studies. She is a nice person and has a good attitude. Easy share problem with her. If I have any problem I always share with her. She is a good listener.

Nur Azalea Binti Ahmad Shukri>>>>She takes course Diploma in Banking. She lives in Selangor and 21 years old. She is a older with me but she don’t like if we call “ kak lea ” with her. Actually difficult know their real behavior but easy to friend with her. She is so friendly and talkative person. If she starts to share something story takes a long time to she stop talking.{don’t angry kak lea} hehehe…..

Thanks for everything my friends….i'm so sad because next semester this college will renovated and all student will change their room and college...huhuhu :(
Hope we will still be a friends until forever...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

my classmate D3B2

In new session Disember until Mei 2009 in UiTM Segamat, I register class in D3B2. From this class I get to meet new friends. This class is so happening and easy to handle.

The class rep in my class is a Muhd Khalid. He lives in Subang and 20 years old. Actually I don’t know with more details about this boy but for my eye I see he is so responsibility and has a good personality. He so brave communicate with others.

Sharifah Aina Mardiyah - We call her as a Apek. I do know why. She is a 20 years old. She is slumber and sporting person. Her intelligent and brave woman.

Shida or Yin lives in Klang, Selangor and now her 20 years old. She has a good attitude and personality. Shila also lives in Klang, Selangor. She and shida are always together. She is a cute and quite person same with me. Huda and Farah are also always together. Huda is a friendly and easy to friends with her.

Nurul Ain lives in Segamat and 20 years old. She is a friendly and easy to friends with her. Her so kind and always make joke. I see Ain last semester and from that we friends until now.
In my class have twins. She is a Radiyah and Salwa. They stay nearby in my room in colleague. They, so polite and have a good attitude.

Sue lives in Selangor and she is a 20 years old. She is so polite and cute girl. She is also quite. She and Lyn are best friends. Lyn lives in Klang and she is 20 years old.

Kent lives in Putrajaya and she is a 21 years old. First I see kent, I see she so arrogant person but when talk with her I see she so friendly and kind person. My expectation with her before this is wrong. So, we cannot judge one person from their external. Raja lives in Muar and her 20 years old. Raja and Kent is always together.

Azhar lives in Sentol and his 22 years old. His is a friendly. Nas lives in Klang and his 22 years old. Nizam lives in Cheras and his 20 years old. He is so quite person. Acap lives in Subang and his 20 years old. He is so friendly and always smile.

Atikah live in Tangkak. She is a 20 years old. She, Aiza, Farah Irma and Faezah is always together. They are best friends. Aiza lives in Alor Setar, Kedah and 20 years old. Farah Irma lives in Johor Bharu. She is a cute girl and always smile. Faezah is so kind person.

Azie is a quiet and cute girl. She is always together with Ima and Zierah. Ima is a good friend. She is a not arrogant and friendly. Zierah lives in Batu Pahat and she 20 years old.

Salbiyah lives in Johor Bahru. She is a slumber and has a good attitude. Izzati lives in Johor Bahru. She is a cute and quite person.

about my self

What interesting about me? Umph…actually nothing special about me. In my life many thing I like to do. Such as I like reading novel especially story about love. From that I can imagine I as a heroin in the novel. It’s so funny but for me it gives me more understand meaning about life. I like to read novel by Ahadiat Aqasha. His novel is so interesting.

Shopping is a one my hobby. From that I can release my tension and give me a good mood. Also make me out from my problem. Actually when we shopping we will waste the money. Although the hobby will waste the money but it can make me happy. Money not enough make our life blissful. I always go shopping with my friends. I enjoy with that.
Music also a good thing to me release tension. In life, we know not easy to suffer and go on in life if we have a problem. So, for me with music I can less from stress or depression. I like listening music so much.

Furthermore, I also like a pink colour. I like all things especially if it has a pink colour. For me, this colour is so cute and gives me peaceful. We know pink colour always relevance with girl. It’s true for me.

Besides that, I like to chat with my friends or gossip. We know girls always like to gossip. I also can hang up with friends. For me gossip not only to attack or talk a bad about others people, we always talk only a true story. From that we can share the story with others friends.
I also like a loving and caring person. They will take care with me and always will be my self is important to their life. It does can make me happy.

I also like play badminton. Before this, every evening I will play badminton with my younger sister. This game makes me more energy.

Besides that, I dislike a selfish people. Why I dislike this person because they can difficult in my life. Furthermore, this person can take a change to use my ability for their self.
I also dislike hypocrite person because they can tell others people bad things about my self. We must be careful with this person.

I dislike wait something or people. For me this can waste my time. I will agree if my friends late and I force to wait her.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

what i take subject in this semester?

This semester I’m taking seven subjects. The all subject is Academic for Purpose ( BEL 311 ) , Business Communication ( MGT 269 ) , Islamic Economics (CTU 241) , Arab Language ( BAB 101) , Microeconomic ( ECO 162 ) , Statistic (QMT 216) and the last is badminton ( HSL 111).My credit hours is 17.

First of all, the subject is BEL 311. Actually since primary school I dislike the English subject because is a difficult to me and I’m not confident to speak English very well. I try to understand and when get a result UPSR, PMR and SPM I so surprised because I get a good result for this subject. Now, when I in the university I feel the subject is so interesting and attract me to learn more about this subject. We know in the university, we use more English language. In the assignment, presentation we must use influence speak in English. I get more benefit from the subject. Today I’m as part 3, semester December 2008 until April 2009 and I take BEL 311. The name of lecturer is Sir Izuan Bin Ismail. First impression when I go this class I felt nervous. My lecturer is influence speak in English. He is strict but kind. For me his class is very interesting because ha had more ideas to attract student to like his class. This subject has 3 credit hours.

Besides that, Business Communication (MGT 269) is an important subject. I really afraid this subject because it make me to more communicate with other people. This subject has helped millions of student essential skills for succeeding in the workplace. The name of lecturer is Encik Kamil. This subject has 3 credit hours.

Furthermore, I take microeconomic (ECO 162). This subject has 3 credit hours. The name of lecturer is Encik Abdullah bin Abdul Latif. He always makes a joke and their entire student like their class. Actually I repeat this subject. I’m so disappointed and so sad when I get the result. But this semester I will get a best result to get A+ for this subject. With that I must study hard and ask lecturer when I’m not sure a part in this subject. This subjects no test and the assessment is 60 marks and the 40 marks in the final paper. The lecturer wants me to make a proposal and meeting to overcome the problems in our company.

Moreover, is Introduction to statistics or QMT 162. This subject has 3 credit hours. The name of lecturer is miss Zarina. She is very strict but the lectured make me easy to understand although she teaches fast. In the subject I learn more calculated. From that I should more do exercise to more understand in the subject. I also must remember all formula in this subject.

Fundamental of Islamic Economics or CTU 241 is most important part to all students in Diploma Business Study. This subject has 2 credit hours. This subject teaches a lot about Islamic economics. This gets I to know with more details about economics in Islam. The lecturer of name is Ustaz Kamarulzaman. First impression when I go this class I so excited because before this I know Ustaz Kamarulzaman. He always gives motivated and advised to their students all students in the Masjid As-Syakirin after maghrib. He like chatting and always makes a joke.

This semester I have elective subject is an Arab Language or BAB 101. From that I can improve my knowledge with learn more foreign language. This subject has 2 credit hours. I like to join this class because the lecturer is so funny and always tell me stories. That’s why I not bored in their class. The lecturer name is Ustaz Sazali Effendi. This subject teaches me to influence to speak arab.

The last subject in this semester I take curriculum. This semester I choose to join sport is badminton. This subject make me a more energy and can release tension. I’m so excited to play badminton. My coach name Encik Johari. He so slumber person and so kind. I must get A+ for this subject.

That’s all subject I take to this semester. I hope I can get a good result and my CGPA will increase and above 3.0.. INSYAALLAH………