Monday, March 23, 2009

the horror story in my hostel....

I always heard many horror story in my colleague especially in my wing “ HARAPAN”. Nobody stare in this wing since 2003 and the senior says many ridiculous stories in this wing. In December 2007, after the new session all part 1 include me get room in this wing. We so afraid but we belief the God alone have a power. Every week we together read Al-Quran or Yassin to protect our self from the disturbed.

My senior had an experience about that, one day on 1.00 a.m, after training cheerleaders they want back to their room. Current they walk in wing Gemilang she sees one lady stand in one side with a white dress. She says their friend why that girl so brave out in room alone and what they do at there. They so confuse and afraid. She wants to ask that girl but afraid if this girl is a “ghost”. After a view minutes she look back and see that girl not be there and they run quickly and go to their room.

In my colleague has a one person can see the ghost. Many people say she is a crazy girl but she did not lie about their ability. One night, she walks in colleague and see something in wing harapan. She runs quickly. After that, she is out of control and all think the ghost already in their body. Their roommates quickly inform to resident staff about this problem. After that, she was calm by Ustaz. I heard her out of control until she throw the Al-Quran current ustaz want to treatment she.

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